Pet Boarding Resources

More About Our Values

International Boarding & Pet Services Association : Townhouse For Dogs & Cats makes sure that we uphold the standards of the IBPSA code for pet caregivers.

More About How We Care For Animals : These resources include how we care for your animals during their stay here.

Choosing the Right Boarding Facility

VetMD Choosing The Right Facility : A vet discusses why choosing a boarding facility can be stressful, and what you can do to alleviate that stress.

Screening Facilities : Here are some things to consider asking potential boarding places.

Boarding For Cats : Cats are especially hard to take into account when trying to find boarding, but here are some ways you can find the best place for them.

Boarding For Dogs : You can always find housing for Fido, but not all housing is suitable for all dogs. Find out more at this link.

What To Do Before Boarding

To-Do List : Boarding isn’t as easy as dropping your pet off and picking them up. Here are some things all pet owners must do before boarding their pet.

Medical Requirements : Many pet boarding facilities, including ours, require that your pet has proper vaccines. Read more about vaccines by clicking on this link.

As always, your pet’s safety is our priority. If you think we are missing anything on this page, or if you would like to request a stay at Townhouse for Dogs & Cats, please send us an email.